The Fight Begins

Punekars, it is time once again to fight against the destruction of the city and to protect our environment, our health, our well-being and our future.

Download GPSPM Press Note – 2 March 2018

You can help!


  1. Give a Missed Call to 020 7117 7161 to show your support for this movement (you will also receive an sms with a link to the online petition and a link for WhatsApp updates; thanks to for setting this up)
  2. Read the Appeal below, download the Appeal & Signature Formdiscuss with others, take signatures of citizens who agree, and get in touch on the Contacts page for information on where to send the signed appeals.
  3. Sign an online petition


Pune’s splendor and pride are its Rivers, Water Bodies, surrounding Green Belts, Hills, Gardens, Open Spaces and Natural Features. They form the lungs of our city. Destruction of this natural ecosystem is deteriorating the environment of the city and impacting our health and well-being, especially that of our children and senior citizens. Many recent decisions of the Government of Maharashtra spell disaster for the city of Pune.

WE vehemently oppose the Government’s decisions regarding the following and demand that these be revoked immediately:

  • Allowing construction in the ‘Green and No Development Zones’ in the name of ‘Affordable Housing’
  • Proposing construction of Residential Quarters for Government Officers on around 10.5 Acres land in the iconic Empress Botanical Garden.
  • De-reserving two plots from the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and opening it up for construction, thus dividing the reservation for sanctuary into two parts.
  • Destroying the ecosystem of the River and increasing risk of floods by;
    1. Channelization of the River by building concrete walls and encroachment by way of “Reclamation”, on adjoining lands under the name of “River Front Development”.
    2. Illegal shifting of Blue and Red Flood Lines, towards the centre of the river
    3. Proposing 30 mts wide and 7 km long road inside the blue line of the Mula-Mutha River. This is a Prohibitive Zone.

Further we also urge the Government to take immediate steps to safeguard the interest of people and the environment and immediately:

  • Decide on the long-pending Compensation Policy for acquisition of Bio-Diversity Park (passed in Aug 2015) and implementing it at the earliest to avoid further encroachment and destruction of the hills reserved for the Bio Diversity Park.
  • Take action against  rampant dumping of debris in the river, along the banks (especially Ramnadi and Mula confluence), on hills, nallas and roads.

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